Studio Policies


Dress Code:

DANCE TEAM DRESS CODE AND SHOE REQUIREMENTS: Tap Capezio in black CG19 or Leo’s Style 5028,  Jazz TBA with costume, Ballet Capezio canvas Cobra split sole shoe in pink ,  Hip Hop TBA with costume.  All team students are to wear a plain black leotard with either tan footless/convertible tights or plain black dance shorts.  For hip hop – students can wear any plain solid black pants over the leotard. Hair must be tightly fastened in a bun so that it is not falling out and needing to be fixed during classes. Please remove jewelry.

JAZZ & ACRO – leotard and tights, bike shorts, and jazz pants are all acceptable. No jeans or street clothes, black jazz shoes or black ballet slippers must be worn for jazz, barefeet for acro.

TAP – loose comfortable clothes and black tap shoes must be worn.

BALLET – pink ballet slippers must be worn.  Tights and a leotard of any color are recommended.  Ballet skirts or dance shorts/pants are acceptable.

LYRICAL –leotard & footless tights are recommended.  Dancers are barefoot – no shoes required. Ballet skirts, dance shorts/pants are acceptable.

HIP-HOP – all dance wear and loose fitting gym attire is acceptable. CLEAN non-marking sneakers are acceptable for class.  Black dance sneakers will be required for performances.

FOR ALL CLASSES  –  Hair must be pulled back. Please remove jewelry. No baggy t-shirts. You can purchase some dance clothes in the studio for minimal cost or I can supply you with a list of places you can purchase dancewear and shoes. Students should bring a sweater to class in the winter months.

NO GUM CHEWING. Students are asked to wear street shoes and carry dance shoes to and from class. Wearing dance shoes outside is not good for the shoes or the studio floors.
Please WRITE YOUR NAME IN ALL YOUR DANCE SHOES and keep them in your dance bag at all times.

No one is allowed to stay in the classroom as it distracts the students. You are welcome to stay in the waiting room, which has an observation window. I will have “Friend Day” during which each student may bring a friend to class, free of charge of course.

There will be an annual on-stage production in June. More information will be given in your monthly dance notices. Please make every effort to attend each dance class in order to be properly prepared for the recital. All dancers will receive a participation metal on a neck ribbon during their last dance class before the recital. Students are not required to be in the recital, however, it is a good experience for the dancers, giving them confidence and a sense of completion.

Costumes may be ordered as early as mid-October. Your costume deposit is due with your registration form or your registration will not be accepted. I take advantage of as many end-of –the-season sales as possible and will shop around to get you the lowest possible costume prices. NO REFUNDS are given after costumes are ordered.

Snow Days:
If Chester School is cancelled due to severe weather, daytime classes (starting before 3:45 p.m.) will automatically be cancelled. However, this does NOT necessarily mean that evening dance classes are cancelled. An e-mail will be sent to you by 2pm if classes are cancelled.  In the event of a power outage, you will receive a phone call.

Make-up Lessons:
If you are absent for any reason, or have a lesson cancelled, you are welcome to make up the class missed in another scheduled class appropriate for your age and experience level. Check the schedule for your options.

Monthly notices regarding all important studio information and dates to remember will be emailed. They will give you all the information you need regarding our dance season, including holidays, vacations, parties, recital dates, and more.

Please see the Schedule.  Monthly tuition rates are listed next to each class.  Checks should be made payable to Kerry’s Dance Center. There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks. If paying in cash, please put your payment in an envelope with the student’s name on the outside. A receipt will be given. A late fee of $10 will be applied if tuition is not paid in full by the 15th of each month.

Summer Dance Camp:
Dance Camp will be held at the studio at the end of July. Ask me for details –