Monthly Newsletter

Kerry’s Dance Center 

February 2023 Monthly Dance Notice

Lot’s of important information coming your way!!!


Rehearsal & Recital Information (REMINDER in case you missed it last month!):

This year’s recital will be held at Exeter High School in Exeter, NH. We will not be returning to the Stockbridge Theatre. The Exeter High School Auditorium and Stage is beautiful. 

We have performed there many times for competitions and attended other dance studio recitals. I am very happy to have secured this venue. 

However, for the first time in 20 years it will not be Father’s Day Weekend.





SHOW 2: JUNE 24TH 4:00PM


Dancers of the Month:

Congratulations to our January Dancers of the Month! They are Alicia Call, 

Olivia LeBlanc, and Abigail Biel. This group of ladies not only dance in recreational classes but are also members of the KDC dance team. They have shown great leadership, kindness toward their classmates, and are not only helpful but also respectful to their teachers and coaches. They truly represent what KDC is all about.

Congratulations ladies!! We are so proud of you!!


KDC Dress Code Reminder:

Hair MUST be pulled up and off the face BEFORE class. 

All recreational dancers (ages 6-18): Must have a black leotard/biketard. Attached or elastic band black dance skirts are acceptable, please no tie on skirts. They may also wear black bike shorts, capri or full length leggings OVER a leotard. Tights are optional. They are also welcome to wear a KDC t-shirt/tank/or long sleeve pull-over. Hair MUST be pulled up and off the face BEFORE class. 

ABSOLUTELY NO: hooded sweatshirts, sweatpants, jeans, or street clothes. Also, please no jewelry (studded earrings are acceptable). 


Snow Days:

If Chester School is canceled due to severe weather, daytime classes (starting before 3:30 p.m.) will automatically be canceled. However, this does NOT necessarily mean that evening dance classes are canceled. We will send an email to you by 2:00 pm if classes are canceled for the night. Please note: Saturday morning classes will receive a text from Ms Jennie by 8 am if classes will not be held due to weather/roads.


Make-up Lessons:

If you are absent for any reason, or have a lesson canceled, you are welcome to make up the class missed in another scheduled class appropriate for your age and experience level.



Statements were emailed last week. Please reach out if you did not receive yours.


Dancers at Heart Benefit Performance:

This past weekend our dance team had the opportunity to perform at the “Dancers at Heart” Benefit Performance. The “Dancers at Heart” foundation is a non-profit organization that donates to charities like Boston Children’s Hospital, Make A Wish, and other organizations that deal with tragic loss or devastation.


We were invited to bring three dances to the show. There were dancers from all over New England performing all day. It was an amazing experience. Our girls brought their very best!! We were not only proud of their performance but the way they carried themselves, showed respect, and gave words of encouragement to other dance studios performing that day. I was so proud of them and our KDC coaches. 


KDC Dance Teams Competitions:

Reminder that the competitions are right around the corner. It is imperative that you attend ALL your classes, be prepared and ready to work!! 

Dance To Inspire: April 7th & 8th

Elite Dance Challenge: May 12th-14th

I will not have a schedule until the week prior to each competition. 


Looking to join the KDC Dance Teams???:

Is your dancer ready to take their dance experience to the next level? We would love to give her that opportunity! We will hold auditions for dancers wanting to join in May. 

Stay tuned!!


Summer Fun at KDC:

Hard to believe that we are already planning our summer schedule! KDC will be running THREE camps this summer!!!!! My 11 year olds were sad last summer thinking that that was their last…and I heard you, I am adding a camp for ages 10 and older. 

July 17th-July 21st ~ Dance Camp for Ages 10 and older

July 24th-July 28th ~ Fairy Dance Camp for Ages 4-6 

July 31st-August 4th ~ Dance Camp for Ages 7-9

All camps are 9am to Noon everyday.

Registration Forms are attached.


KDC Logo Merchandise:

We have lots of KDC merchandise available. If you are interested please email the studio and I will have it ready for the next class. If it is a surprise (ie:birthday) I will get it to you discreetly. 

KDC Logo T-Shirt ($18): Adult –  S/M/L/XL  Child – XS/S/M/L/XL

“Be KDC” T-Shirt ($18): Child – XS/S/M/L/XL

Pullover ($25): Adult – S/M/L  Child – XS/S/M/L/XL

Pullover w/pocket ($35): Adult – S/M/L

Duffle Bag ($18)

Tote Bag ($12)

Water Bottle ($5)


Teacher Contact Info:

Text​ ​your​ ​teacher​ ​directly​ ​with​ ​questions​ ​or​ ​concerns​ ​regarding​ ​your​ ​classes. 

Ms Bryanna – 603-819-3012

Ms​ ​Jennie​ ​- 603-785-8517​ 

Ms Kasey –  603-860-2302

Ms Katie – 603-362-3455

Ms Katrina – 603-560-8788

Ms Kelsey – 603-548-7662

Ms​ ​Tori – 603-275-6145

For​ ​general​ ​information​ ​refer​ ​to​ ​our​ ​website:​ ​ 

Also​ ​feel​ ​free​ ​to​ ​email​ ​​ or text Ms Jennie



  • Please pull hair up BEFORE class.
  • Write your child’s name in ALL of their belongings (ie:dance shoes)
  • Do not chew gum in class.
  • Cell phones in the waiting room only.
  • PLEASE write your child’s first & last name in the check memo.
  • Cash should be in an envelope with your child’s first and last name on it.
  • PLEASE do not allow your children to throw hard balls, rocks, sticks or acorns.
  • PLEASE do not allow your children to play in ANY of the driveways, on the rock wall, mulched flower beds, or in the fenced area of Ms Jennie’s yard. This is not only a dance studio but our HOME. Please respect our property and our privacy.


Thank you in advance for your understanding.



February​ ​27th​ ​-​ March 4th: Winter Break CLOSED

April​ ​7th – 8th ​​(details​ ​to​ ​follow) Dance Team Comp Dance To Inspire

April​ ​24th – April 29th: Spring Break CLOSED

May​ ​12th – 14th​ ​​(details​ ​to​ ​follow) Dance Team Comp Elite Dance Challenge

Monday, May​ ​29th: Memorial Day CLOSED

June​ 20th:               Rehearsal Show 1

June​ 21st: Rehearsal Show 2

June​ ​24th: Recital -Noon Show 1

June 24th: Recital – 4:00 pm Show 2


Until​ ​next​ month….keep​ ​dancing!!!

Ms Jennie